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Awards For All very kindly gave PiXiE a grant of £10,000 in August 2011. The grant is for a project called “Ten Days to Save Sight”.

PXE can affect our sight and lead to central vision loss, this does not affect everyone with PXE (approx. 60% of sufferers) this is why our project is crucial so that we can tackle the problems we currently have due to the lack of information /awareness within the medical profession to make sure that all PXE patients are looked after, given tests and treatment promptly. If experiencing distorted vision when looking at objects, or when reading it seems that some of the letters are missing etc. you have Ten Days in which to be seen, have the tests carried out and if you have an angioid streak within the macular you will need an injection in that eye. Timing and seeing someone who has PXE knowledge, as well as being an Ophthalmologist is of paramount importance.

Thanks to the grant it means we now have the funds for the development of this website which is accessible to people with limited vision, providing information, education and importantly access to informed, educated and aware medical professionals. Our website can reach people in the community who are isolated with the disease, as many of us can feel that we are the only one in the world with PXE (which is what happened to me, hence my reason for founding the first PXE Support Group in the world.